Rediscover La Paz

Walking on soft sand and dipping your feet in the refreshing water along the seashore is one of the sensations we most look forward to. It is a welcome pause where nature helps us regain strength and vitality. Sleeping under the stars in one of the Isla Espiritu Santo campgrounds or enjoying an afternoon sailing in the Sea of ​​Cortez (Gulf of California) can also be one of your most rewarding experiences.

La Paz, in addition to being known for its contrast between the desert and the sea, is a destination that transmits tranquility and well-being through different activities and attractions from a walk on the boardwalk, to diving in the sea and playing with sea lions.

Faced with a new way of traveling and enjoying the world, eco-tourism experiences such as those offered by the camps on Isla Espiritu Santo and Rancho Cacachilas are a must for anyone who wants privacy and comfort, as well as exclusivity and security.

A few miles from the South Californian capital, the mining town of El Triunfo encourages you to learn the history of the community and to walk the silent streets, as well as experience the delicious gastronomy.

There are several uncrowded La Paz beaches that are perfect for a pleasant stay. Among them is La Ventana, ideal for lovers of water activities and contact with nature.

In La Paz, physical and emotional well-being can be achieved on a paddle board, either rowing in the Balandra mangroves, or taking a yoga class in the bay. Likewise, getting on a boat and sailing to the Isla Espiritu Santo provides the opportunity to enjoy nature to the fullest, whether with dolphins jumping alongside or relaxing with the motion of the sea away from the crowds.

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