Beyond Los Cabos, discover the beauty of Santiago

There is a charming, attractive place with fascinating landscapes and a welcoming community that receives travelers as if it were their own home. Within this paradise, we find a little getaway with big natural allure. It is an amazing treasure that only a few know about. That treasure is the oasis town of Santiago, located in the municipality of Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.

At a distance of approximately 28 miles north of San José del Cabo, we find a town full of natural resources that has preserved the culture and the cozy lifestyle of the Sudcaliforniano rancher. The fertile lands of Santiago provide a variety of products that not only supply the region but are also exported to countries all over the world, including the United States, Canada, China and Japan.

The mango is the symbol of the community of Santiago because the harvesting is a recurring activity. The quality of the fruit stands above all others for its taste and color. There are also more than eight different varieties.

Agriculture isn’t the entire story. Local delicacies include jam, sweet pastries, honey, pinole, machaca, fresh cheese, chorizo and homemade bread.

Santiago is also home to talented locals who practice a variety of crafts such as saddlery (manufacture of leather products) and carpentry (with the use of regional wood). The friendliness and cheerfulness of the locals can be recognized just by their smiles and eloquence.

Buenavista, one of Santiago’s nearby towns, possesses one of the best views of the Sea of Cortez. There are beautiful beaches where you can swim and appreciate the vast variety of fish and other marine species. You can also camp, fish and enjoy many different types of water sports. Buenavista is an impressive representative of ecotourism in Santiago.

The section of the population involved in tourism embraces Santiago’s culture and nature. Santiago de los Coras Aiñini Mission was founded here in 1721. It houses the history of the first inhabitants of the region known as Pericues.

Rancho Ecológico Sol de Mayo is another attraction in Santiago. It is a wonderful place to experience the lifestyle of a Sudcaliforniano rancher first-hand. Each ranch has its own particular beauty with natural pools, waterfalls and streams that give life to an environment in the middle of a desert.

The flora and fauna here create the perfect atmosphere for exploring, especially the chirping of the multiple birds who live in peace. Sol de Mayo creates a warm, homey atmosphere in the midst of nature.

There are about five different restaurants in Santiago and thanks to the local products they use in the preparation of dishes, the cuisine certainly tastes like home. La Cascada Restaurant, El Palomar and Las Tres Marias are three of them.

Regarding accommodations, there are a couple of alternatives. You could rent a place through Airbnb and enjoy feeling like at home while you learn about the folk culture. La Casa de los Pajaros is a perfect example. You can also find emblematic hotels such as Rancho Buenavista, the first hotel in Los Cabos.

The landscapes, colors, flavors, and the people living here will totally shake up your perspective on life. It is a doorway to a paradise that holds unique and unforgettable experiences.

Santiago is a small community that possesses an indescribable greatness.

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