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A legacy of hospitality and architectural originality

The Gidding’s name is a pioneer in time-share hospitality and service in Los Cabos. The family ventured into the world of hospitality thanks to the construction of the Ocho Cascadas condominiums located in Puerto Vallarta, where a legacy originated. Then came the idea of venturing into Cabo San Lucas.

Mark, son of Pat and Ed Giddings, was born in Puerto Vallarta. He fondly remembers traveling with his siblings every summer to Los Cabos. Although he studied in the United States and lived there for a while, in 1992 he decided to support the family business, so Cabo San Lucas became his home. His love for Mexico comes the culture and tradition of its people, flavors, aromas and, of course, the landscapes.

Ocho Cascadas marked a watershed for architectural developing in Puerto Vallarta. Ed Giddings, his father, had the idea to create completely different spaces. Ed’s vision was to build an open space, where you could soak up nature.

After succeeding their ideas and making them come true in Vallarta, the family moved to Cabo San Lucas. In 1985 this city was still undiscover, and it had merely a few hotels such as Solmar, Hacienda and Finisterra.

Mark talks that, upon arriving in this new setting, his father was a true artist in building the image and design, taking care of every detail, and honoring his creativity.

The company is familiar and seeks to establish a special bond with both guests and staff. One of the most important philosophies that endures today as the pillar and by which the Giddings family is governed is Pat’s values. Mark’s mom was the matriarch of the project and Ed’s right hand. They couldn’t exist without the other. The union of the two made the family pioneers of hospitality in Los Cabos.

Someone who has always been close is Ed Hooton, founding partner of RED Group, who holds great esteem for the effort, dedication and commitment of the Giddings towards their ideals.

For Ed Hooton, the Giddings family was the first to bring the timeshare to Los Cabos. In addition, he initiated an agreement for guests to have the opportunity to purchase their stays. For this reason, Cascadas de Baja has seen four generations of tourists grow within the hotel.

Respect, perseverance, honor and gratitude are some of the words that describe a family that arrived in Cabo San Lucas 5 decades ago and that continues to evolve today. For Mark, the legacy of his parents is the same that he wants for his children: a legacy that he thinks outside the box.


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