A Note from the Editor – Summer Insider 2021

We are excited to publish our summer edition. You are sure to find places with such majesty of nature, culture, and history that your energy will be renewed and your capacity for new experiences will be greater than ever before.

We associate summer with fun, warm weather, and time outside to enjoy the sun, recover some vitamin D, and play sports. And why not? You can experience all this when you visit Baja California Sur.

Thanks go to my friend and colleague Oscar Ortiz from Elements of Baja for being our travel companion. Our goal was to discover, explore and capture the inspiring images that highlight the natural beauty of our indomitable peninsula. To see how we accomplished our goal, please visit the map that marks our journey!

Remember, if it’s possible to plan a trip today, it is because we have health, stability, free time and because we have faith in humanity.

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