Each season of the year is known to have its own attractions. Autumn may be the season that combines the ideal characteristics for traveling. As so, Baja California Sur is the place to organize the perfect vacation.

There are many inspirational reasons to choose this beautiful 800-mile-long peninsula. There are the islands, beaches, deserts, flora and fauna, and, of course, the hospitality of the people.

It is during the autumn months that the big game fishing season begins with an exhilarating sequence of fishing tournaments, including Bisbee’s Black & Blue Tournament, considered the most important billfish tournament in the world. Bisbee鈥檚 always attracts a dynamic segment that adds intense day and night life to the destination.

Autumn weather here is much more pleasant. The summer heat and humidity are gone, and with it the rainy season that normally ends with the month of September. Cooler weather allows for a variety of outdoor activities and sports. Although the days are noticeably shorter, the colors of the sunsets are truly spectacular on both the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez sides. Incidentally, it is the perfect time to organize a trip to the islands, where some low-impact water sports can be enjoyed that preserve the beauty of the islands.

Consequently, the camping season in Sierra La Laguna also finds autumn as the perfect time for those who enjoy hiking, bird watching, and exploring the flora and fauna that are a delight to the senses, particularly for the most experienced who manage to reach the peaks of the Sierra. The famous Picacho is the place to admire the changes in vegetation and the impressive night sky where, without any artificial light, the constellations can be truly appreciated.

Previous issues of Tendencia have already mentioned the gastronomic wonders of the State. However, autumn is when it is particularly pleasant to discover the native cuisine in the small towns and to taste recipes in homes, ranches, and restaurants that have been passed down for generations. You can find the same culinary delights in communities such as El Triunfo, Todos Santos, Pescadero, Cerritos, San Bartolo, San Antonio and, of course, each one of the towns along the Transpeninsular Highway, the famous Route 1, heading north to Guerrero Negro and all the way to Tijuana. In this sense, it is a must to make a stop in Loreto and experience the wonderful maritime cuisine. That includes the famous and unmissable recipe of the tatemada (pan-roasted) clam.

Whether you travel alone, as a couple, as a family or as a group, there will always be something that inspires an incredible travel memory in this wonderful autumn. While it is possible to discover something new every day by chance, reading in advance about the places and activities is recommended because the odds are greater for finding interesting experiences, taking photographs, and making memories.

Much is said about how San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas were before becoming known worldwide as Los Cabos, but the history from the beginning of the last century, long before tourism marked the destination, is also very interesting. I refer to the thriving economic such a mining, agricultural and livestock activities, that existed in the area and that much of what exists today would not make sense if that had not existed.

There is an interesting chapter in the history of Baja California Sur that speaks of great stories and legends that may or may not be true but knowing of that time also creates a warm sense of nostalgia.
For all these reasons and more, we invite you to spend a great fall season here on the Baja California Sur peninsula.

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Edici贸n 53 - Fall Insider 2021
Es oto帽o. 隆Disfruta de los colores de Baja California Sur y la magia de su gente!


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