R  E  S  E  R  V  A    T  U     V  I  A  J  E

Portugal in La Paz: celebrating Cardon Restaurant’s first anniversary

To celebrate the restaurant’s first anniversary, executive chef, Christian Morales, prepared an experience called Portugal, with guest chef María da Silva. “We cooked with our hearts, and we confirmed that when friendship and passion for cooking come together, incredible things happen. Portugal was transported to La Paz”.

Welcome to Portugal!

The event brought this European country to the warm fine dining atmosphere of Cardon Restaurant through music and cuisine, with a 5-course tasting menu and pairing with Portuguese wines.


The evening brought together the love and passion for cooking that both chefs share in a “Saudede” experience that, in Portuguese, refers to a state beyond longing and nostalgia; as a pleasant longing to remember the moments of the past, the flavors of home.

Chef Maria recreates family and traditional recipes with her inspiration to build a bridge for her guests to discover the flavors of the land of her ancestors.

The reunion of old friends


The anniversary turned into the reunion of these talented chefs who had met in the past working at Casa Portugal in Mexico City. Baja California Sur is like this: a territory of unexpected encounters, diversity, colors, smells, and flavors that inspire.


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