A Note from the Editor – Summer Insider

Walking through Baja California Sur has been one of the greatest pleasures in each edition’s travels and revives my explorer spirit. Going to Exportadora de Sal y Malarrimo was our primary mission; we had yet to learn of the treasures we would find. As in every trip, we reiterate, that the people are the most valuable treasure that Mexican California has, they ensured we had a fantastic experience. Their dedication and commitment to the good of their communities or businesses are admirable, and they made us feel sincerely proud of their example of organization and sustainability.

Our heartfelt thanks to Gabriel Fonseca for joining us in the Art of Traveling, and for your invaluable advice and contributions that have enriched our journey. Oscar Ortiz, your unwavering commitment to Tendencia is truly commendable. And to our team members, Hugo, Dennis, and Fanny, your contributions are invaluable, and we are grateful to have you on our team.

We are thrilled to welcome Ricardo Reyes Sandoval to our Editorial Board in this edition. Ricardo, your generosity in sharing your knowledge and your trust in us to be part of your projects is deeply appreciated.

Each edition of our magazine brings me the joy of discovering new places and the privilege of collaborating with a team of incredibly talented individuals. This journey has brought me closer to a state of fulfillment, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s all happening in my favourite place: Baja California Sur.

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Tendencia El Arte De Viajar
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