La Deriva Cucina Italiana

For Chef Emanuele Olivero, combining ingredients and cooking foods that require elaborate preparation are two of his passions. Influenced greatly by his native land, Cuneo, Italy and the Piedmont region, La Deriva implements the authentic flavors of Italian cuisine with local ingredients.

His mother and grandmother provided the basis for his culinary knowledge and understanding of seasonings. The information has remained in his memory from childhood, which is when he became interested in studying the art of cooking.


“The summer before I started college, I went to work at a restaurant, rushing to wash dishes, pots and pans and then hitting the stove to see how the food was prepared.”

“Personally, I consider myself a cook and a colleague. Having the good fortune of running a team in the kitchen is what gives me the title of Chef.”

Thanks to excelling in his studies, he was able to travel to Mexico and participate in professional internships. When he visited the country, he traveled to Los Cabos, a destination that captured his heart at first sight and where he has been living for 10 years.

“The challenge some years ago was to find the right ingredients. Every chef wants to cook in the method he or she was taught. I remember the first time I found pine nuts to make pesto. It was a celebration!”

“The gastronomy in Los Cabos has evolved. There is a growth in the supply of local ingredients, which had always been present but not well-known. Producers in the region have been able to increase production and this has made it possible to rescue traditional local cuisine.”

“My goal is to offer a 100 percent Italian menu using authentic techniques with as many local ingredients as possible. Inspiration arises from chance; an idea can come spontaneously and unexpectedly. Every day there are things that influence a person and, based on experience, a chef then decides what to adapt, what to leave alone and what to modify in the kitchen.”

[/two_first][two_second] “Among my favorite dishes are ramen soup, pasta such as spaghetti with olive oil, peperoncino and lasagna, recipes of mia nonna. I also enjoy hazelnuts in all their presentations. Undoubtedly, an ingredient that is not lacking in my dishes is olive oil from the Valley of San Vicente.”

With daily specials, a perpetually innovative menu and a spectacular location on the beach of the Sea of Cortez, La Deriva will leave you speechless!

“The feeling of freedom that comes from open spaces such as the desert and the opportunity to be in contact with nature and the beaches are why I live in Los Cabos”.

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Issue 31 - Gastronomy
Issue 31 - Gastronomy
Golf and fishing are tourist attractions that rebounded some years ago in Los Cabos. It took a titanic effort. Unprecedented events that drew the eyes of the world to this peninsula were organized, and an environment of beautiful sea and desert was discovered.


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