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Eligio Moises Coronado is a teacher, cultural promoter, author, historian and clerk for the municipality of La Paz. Originally from La Paz, he graduated from the Escuela Normal Urbana de La Paz as an elementary school teacher. He has been a professor at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara and at the Urban Normal School Professor Domingo Carballo Felix. Eligio also worked as a broadcaster at the XEHZ and XEBCS Sudcalifornian radio stations. In addition to his official duties at cultural institutions, he enthusiastically disseminates Southern Californian history through newspaper articles and several books.



The author takes us by the hand for an exciting narrative with multiple details about the past of the indigenous peoples up to the events that led to their extermination.

The Rebellion of the Californios reveals how the peninsula was invaded and how the evangelist work of the missionaries managed to establish a sample of European culture. The book is an example of magnificent research written in a practical way for the modern reader.

By employing literary methods that take the reader back in time with each chapter, the author is able to chronicle the events that surround our entire history, including the time of the missionary occupation. Reading it allows us to understand a process that is part of the identity of the Californios and provides lessons that apply even today.


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