The Legend: The Ballet Dancer of the Teatro Juarez

Theaters are artistic monuments that are beautiful on the outside but inside are a treasure trove of fascinating stories and legends. One such story is that of the ballet dancer who dances at night in the theater of La Paz.

A long time ago, a young dancer lived in La Paz and performed every year on the same dates. One day, the dancer was rehearsing at the same time the technicians were placing chandeliers and set pieces for the show.

A heavy chandelier accidentally fell onto the stage striking the famous dancer. She died instantly. In her honor, the theater directors ordered a statue to be made and installed in the entrance of the theater.

Over the years, different security guards working at night have told the same story.

On the dates when the dancer traditionally performed, towards the darkest hour of night, a beautiful piece of music is heard from the old stage piano.

Bewildered, the guards, thinking that someone had hidden after the show or broke into the theater, would inspect the rooms, only to experience a greater surprise.

A young woman would suddenly appear and dance gracefully and softly on the stage. However, when her name was called, the silhouette vanished. Alarmed, the guards would run toward the entrance and manage to see a shadow that would descend and sit in one of the last seats of the auditorium.

It is said that the statue at the entrance of the theater holds the spirit of the famous dancer. At night, the spirit goes down to the stage to dance and walk the corridors of the theater. Some even say they have noticed the statue move positions.

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