Wedding trends are always changing. However, some have come to stay for centuries. We would like to present you with a range of ideas that can be developed magnificently in Los Cabos and the surrounding areas.

Although the couple makes the decisions regarding the details of each celebration, agreeing on the essence of the style and the location will help you make decisions about the invitations, dress, decorations and more.

Beach Weddings

The sand, the sun and the sea are the critical elements when considering this type of wedding. Use tonalities of blue and pastel colors for the decorations to harmonize with the environment. Beach weddings usually feature a casual, simple atmosphere where guests can even go barefoot. The event often includes cocktails or an outdoor banquet and is usually reserved for family and close friends.

Boho Chic

A charming theme that comes right out of the pages of a mythical enchanted book. The beauty of the outdoors creates a soft, romantic atmosphere and the vibe is relaxed but elegant. Natural elements are typically incorporated such as branches, shrubs and flowers.

Mexican Party

Vivid colors such as pink, green, blue and yellow characterize this theme. And don’t forget the mariachis, tequila and decorations with talavera in mosaics, maracas or hats. Depending on the location, it can be both fun and elegant.


Inspired by the glamor of Hollywood and the luxury of royalty, these celebrations feature extravagant decorations, bright lights, formal glassware and dark tones such as black, wine, garnet, sapphire or emerald combined with metals such as gold, silver and copper. Glam ceremonies are usually performed in enclosed spaces such as a hotel or restaurant lounge.


Think outside the ordinary! From a walk through the clouds, to the depths of the Sea of Cortez. This trend knows no limits, has no rules and the professionals in the destination can guide you to a truly unique wedding. Maybe include parachuting, diving, fishing, or kayaking? Get married on a yacht, surfboards, in the mountains, or even an oasis? You are only limited by your imagination.

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