A trip through Baja California Sur represents a myriad of entertainment options. There’s gastronomy, water sports and outdoor activities such as photography tours that become more popular day by day, either with historical tours through the famous cave paintings, the missions or the contemporary architecture.

In order to speak intelligently of an eminently tourist oriented state, we should mention and do justice to the distances involved and their correlation to the infrastructure that unites the different populations.

Due to its geography, Baja California Sur is a long and complex state to travel. From Guerrero Negro to Cabo San Lucas is more than 620 miles. A single road practically serves as the main route. It is surrounded by secondary branches, neighborhood roads and dirt roads. At its widest part, there are about 145 miles from the same Guerrero Negro to Santa Rosalia. At the narrowest, it’s only about 26 miles from the Pacific to the Sea of Cortes just north of the Mogote in La Paz.

This requires a combination of air and sea connectivity to optimize time and enjoy a true travel experience.

Baja California Sur has three international airports, which is not common or easy to find in Mexico. Only three states have more: Chiapas, Sonora and Tamaulipas.

In terms of nautical tourism, Baja California Sur accounts for almost a fifth of Mexico’s coastline. There are at least 15 important ports, mainly on the Sea of Cortez side. The ports provide shelter and maintenance to many different fishing boats and recreational yachts. Of course, Cabo San Lucas, La Paz and Loreto receive cruise ships practically all year round.

The climate is fundamentally dry, although a small percentage of the peninsula is semi-dry. The mild weather makes traveling relatively easy throughout the year. The temperatures average from the high 40s to the mid 90s Fahrenheit. However, they are seasonal and therefore predictable.

Baja California Sur is home to a wide range of flora and fauna. Many endemic species are found in the southern part of the peninsula. That’s especially true for marine life. The Sea of Cortez is known as the Aquarium of the World and is a sanctuary for thousands of species that make free diving and scuba diving two increasingly popular activities, particularly around the islands of the Gulf of California.

In this edition, we offer a map of the routes, by land, air and sea. Baja California Sur is not just another state. It is a special state that must be experienced with all five senses.

This land was practically uninhabited and virgin for many years. Today, there is a very high migratory rate that has led to harmonious development. However, it is necessary for all who live here and those who visit, to balance the senses and maintain our sustainability. We cannot be oblivious to growth, but we must accept and find the right means for future generations.

You cannot think of Baja California Sur without looking back at the salt mines, the whale factories, the Cabo San Lucas Arch, the Loreto Mission, the cave paintings, and the pearls of the Holy Spirit island. And don’t forget the sweetness of the mango, the Pitahayate, the Guayabate and the Mangate, the nights of shooting stars and full moons, the colors of the Pacific Ocean and the beaches of La Paz in Balandra. There’s also the olive trees of the Missions of San Javier, the canyon of the fox, the clams in Loreto, the delicious dates of Mulege, the Bisbee fishing tournament, the hatching of the turtles, but above all the smiles and outstretched hand of the people.

Baja California Sur is definitely a very special state. It is a colorful state with harmonic sounds and a texture that snares you and makes you fall in love. It is a state with an aroma of the sea and desert that invites you to taste it and keep it in your heart.

Come visit us!

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Edición 37 - Aventura en la Naturaleza
Edición 37 - Aventura en la Naturaleza
La ruta que Tendencia El Arte de Viajar ha promovido durante casi 8 años es la enigmática península de Baja California Sur. Todo el territorio sudcaliforniano está lleno de tesoros por explorar. Esto incluye: playas, islas, pueblos mágicos, biodiversidad y comunidades con historia que brindan la oportunidad de sumergirse en la naturaleza y en el tiempo.


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