What makes ME Cabo unique?

ME Cabo belongs to the Melia brand, with 65 years of history and positioned as one of the best resort brands, brings support, and credibility to ME Cabo by Melia. A contemporary option in the paradise of Los Cabos! 

TENDENCIA interviewed Luis Dominguez, the hotel manager of ME Cabo by Melia where he talked about the main task he seeks to carry out in this incredible resort.  

Originally from Spain, Luis specialized in hotel management and because he has worked all over the world in places like Madrid, London, and Dubai, his experiences allow him to know better the differences between each hotel. 

“The most important thing for Me Cabo is to give the guest sensorial experiences because this, create a unique bond between the client and, at the same time, the tourist can feel identified with some of the moments he lives in Los Cabos. 

In this specific case, ME Cabo by Melia will turn to be your new home! The resort breaks through the traditional hospitality, of white gloves and tableware” as he says, to mark a precedent in the resort world with juvenile suites, a close relationship with both tourist and staff, the exhibition of local artistic pieces, featuring Sergio Bustamante, the Blue Marlin Ibiza restaurant and, of course, the organization of legendary events, such as:

  • White Party with DJ Bruno Martini, 25 of May.
  • New Year´s Eve Party.
  • Sunset Sessions, every Friday at 6: 00 pm.
  • Pool Parties with DJs globally recognized, every Saturday

Wait for the full interview in our next issue Art-Architecture! 

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