Californian Literature

Commerce and tourism in the Southern California municipality of La Paz (1697-2016)

Rosa Maria Mendoza Salgado, author and contributor to TENDENCIA, graduated as preschool teacher from the Urban Normal School Professor Domingo Carballo Felix in La Paz.

Because of her vocation and love for her land, she has been an independent cultural promoter spreading Mexican customs and traditions. A founder of the Board of Culture of Baja California Sur A.C.

Rosa Maria is currently a member of California Californios Friends of History and Local Studies A.C, and a correspondent member of the Mexican Culture Seminar in La Paz.

“We depend on trade; the land is loved by working it.”

Rosa María Mendoza


In this her third book, the author addresses trade as a study of tourism in Baja California Sur, specifically, La Paz.

With interesting and specific details such as the preparation process of the panocha or piloncillo, as well as the description of characters from her personal experience. She is originally from La Paz, so Rosa Maria adds an emotional value to her book.

In an entertaining and cheerful way, the author takes the reader through history from 1697 to 2016. The narrative is presented from the perspective of an economist that is characteristic of the author. In her own words, “the chronicler does not replace the historian, rather sustains the facts.”

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