Rituals at SE Spa Grand Velas

Among large walls of earthy color that resemble the desert dunes of Baja California Sur and aromas that instinctively relax you, SE Spa welcomes you. Each area of the spa is unique. It allows the guest to live an exceptional experience, where all the details are taken care of for a relaxing moment. 

One of its signature treatments is theXocolatl Gourmet” and starts with a body mask that goes wrapped around a banana paper. The banana paper it’s submitted to a steam bath so the massage therapist can manipulate it and with that, the wrapper goes around the guest body. The elements of the earth and the cacao are at all times present and is entirely natural so the person can receive the necessary nutrients that the body requires.  

After you are wrapped in the body mask made with cacao, 100% organic and of Mexican product, the ritual continues with a facial of white cacao. The white cacao has vitamins, iron, and potassium as well as magnesium and zinc. It is a sensorial experience that activates and stimulates the endorphins, the hormone that produces happiness and, at the same time, it balances your center aligning chakras.  

Your body will receive earth nutrients like water, sunlight, wind, and everything that nourish the plant at the time of the production. These elements are an essential part of the cacao, and it will be placed on the guest so he or she can live a unique experience.  

If what you are looking for is to reconnect with a person, it can be your mom, your aunt, a friend, partner or brother, the ritualMeeting of Two is ideal for you to connect with the other, focus on having a spiritual connection that goes beyond. You can take this treatment with that person that you wish to grow that love bond.  

The service is 80 minutes and starts with organic aromatherapy that stimulates every one of the reflex points of your body to activate, in some way, this feels like an awakening. After you finish with the treatment, you and your partner can enjoy 30 minutes in the discreet VIP pool.  

That particular moment in the water will be useful because the water is a carrier where connections flow and, in the other hand, it will reassure the treatment because you will be able to talk to that person that you choose to strengthen the experience lived.  

Visit SE Spa in Grand Velas Los Cabos and prepare your senses to transport yourself to prehispanic rituals and treatments that take care of all the details so you will live something genuinely groundbreaking. 

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