How to choose a piece of art?

For many people, the art world is not just a hobby or an investment: it’s a passionThe works can represent specific moments of our lives, this is what makes art more interesting, magical and human. 

We all have a piece at home that awakens an emotion in us, brings a memory or has a story behind that fascinates us tell. The manifestations of art and techniques are so varied between painting, sculpture, and now even photography. 

We remember the article published in edition 40 “How to select an ART piece?” Written by the artist Yandi Monardo, who is part of the editorial board of TENDENCIA. 

Discover practical and clear recommendations to acquire art: 

  1. First, identify the purpose. There are different reasons to buy a work of art. One might be that you find something and immediately feel connected with it, another is that you are looking for something for a particular space at home or work or maybe you are looking to make a special gift. 
  2. In second, it is recommended to take a tour of the different galleries, events, exhibitions or museums of the city you are visiting. Not only is it a rewarding and enriching experience, but also you can discover your taste and preferences for art: Vibrant colors, black and gray, metallic tones, abstract figures, landscapes or people? The art world is fantastic and very varied! 

In Los Cabos and its surroundings there are different spaces to appreciate and acquire art: 

  • Art Galleries in San Jose del Cabo and also the Cabo San Lucas downtown.
  • Todos Santos
  • Local festivals and events: El Triunfo, Miraflores showing local artists. 
  • Artist exhibitions within hotels. 
  • Cyclical Exhibitions on Tendencia Avenue  
  1. Finally, an added value when acquiring a work of art is to meet and talk with the artist to deepen the piece, if it belongs to a series, or is part of a new project. Even many artists work upon request! Learn more about local artists in our art editions #6 and #28.  

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