Californian Literature

Author’s Biography

Leonardo Reyes Silva (Santa Rosalia, 1930). Professor, writer, union member, government oficial, cultural promoter, and chronicler emeritus. His prolific work on the history of Baja California Sur has been one of the most read and appreciated, many of them are even used as a basis for elementary and junior high text books. He is the founding president of the Baja California Sur Writers Association, A.C.

Other works by the author: Historia del Estado de Baja California Sur (tres ediciones: 1975, 1977, 1989), La vida y obra de Manuel Márquez de León (1985), Semblanza biográfica de la maestra Rosaura Zapata Cano 1876-1963 (1986), Semblanza biográfica de Pablo L. Martínez (1990), Historia del Municipio de La Paz (H. XII Ayto. de La Paz, 2006), Narraciones de ayer y de hoy (2013) y Relatos de la California Mexicana (2014).

Semblance of the Book

The myth is a form of narrative that aims to explain sacred facts and explain extraordinary events. The legend, on the other hand, narrates real historical facts, that usually cannot be verified, both are part of the cultural heritage of all cultures.

Myths, Legends and Traditions from Baja California Sur offers a look at the past of the first settlers, explorers, conquistadors and missionaries in Baja California Sur through the compilation of stories from different sources. No doubt a must-read book on the history of this region.

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