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There is great truth in a saying by George Bernard Shaw, “We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” If there is something we have learned during this time, it is precisely that, we need to continue playing to stop growing old. It seems that what we
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A South Californian Eden

Scented Soil - Dr. OImos Ceseña

Nothing has done more than travel to remove the veil of ignorance, illuminate the human mind, expand the field of vision, stimulate new desires, remove international obstacles such as hatred and prejudice, achieve more intense relationships between the different races of the world and a better understanding between them, while at the same time laying
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La Paz-Airapi

La Paz as seen through legends and traditions part III

Also called “The Country of Pearls,” La Paz still has rich treasures of mother-of-pearl in its bosom. It holds a special fascination with visitors, as well as with the pen of great writers through the times. Inspired by the unique geography, the diversity of life in its seas, and the wealth of the daily life
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