Quivira Los Cabos took the initiative to lighten the Don Koll sports complex with ecological lighting that will contribute to the community of Los Cabos to reduce energy consumption.  

The new lighting system has LED technology, similar to the one used in stadiums and sports arenas around the world such as Petco Park of the San Diego Padres or the Amway Center of Orlando Magic in the United States.  

LED lights are a body of solid semiconductors of high resistance that, upon receiving a very low-intensity electric current, emit light efficiently and with high performance. The life of an LED light can be up to 30 times longer than that of an incandescent lamp.  

As the previous lighting caused visual pollution to the colonies near the sports unit, Quivira Los Cabos saw the opportunity to help the municipality. With this, is estimated a reduction of more than 50% in total energy consumption in the athletic track and intermediate spaces. 

With this new project, the replacement of the 84 metal additive luminaires with the 46 High Efficiency LED luminaires will eliminate the inconvenience of the neighbors and users of Don Koll. This will achieve a better use in the fields, but, above all, reduce the environmental impact that today more than ever, is needed.  

Now, you can appreciate a field with unique lights that help the environment, will not disturb the vision of those who live nearby and that will unite the community of Los Cabos so we all enjoy sports. 

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