Luxury, as it is traditionally known, has become increasingly scarce. Not because it is inaccessible but because it is becoming less and less interesting.

Global trends in this regard seem to seek more unique, original, and organic experiences. Although they are far from dazzling, they provide opportunities to live something unrepeatable. That’s where the new luxury seems to be staying.

Photographs by Oscar Ortiz

Of course, such phenomena are not limited to specific experiences. It extends to everything that presents important differentiating elements, ranging from food, clothing, travel and destinations to, of course, art and architecture.

Foregoing traditional luxury does not take away the value, presence and importance of the literal meaning of the word. Of course, luxury will always be just that. It is knowing how to differentiate between the expensive, the cost of a lot of money, the exotic, the unattainable and what is close to being impossible yet comes close to being added to a trunk of memories.


On the subject of luxury in experiences, attention to detail is increasingly important.

Today, there are more requests to dine in isolated places, on distant islands, in inhospitable and spectacular canyons with ingredients from remote origins that just a few years ago were practically impossible to obtain. Of course, there is always an impressive respect for nature, sustainability and environment.

Architecture, as a branch of the fine arts, has also undergone significant changes at almost all levels of visual and practical expression. However, the luxury sector is perhaps where the changes are most evident. As proof, look at the large buildings, corporate offices, residences, hotels and public areas.

Just a few years ago, the architecture expressed in the hotel industry was clearly defined in the majority of tourist destinations. Suddenly everything changed or evolved. Perhaps it was a generational situation, but that would also give value to the changes.

Currently, architectural distinction is very important, from the selection of architects, designers, technical and human teams, to the materials used, the views, the environment and above all what will encourage the guest, the customer, the user, to stay longer.

Los Cabos has been contributing to this new trend. Proof lies in the new hotels along the tourist corridor, those on the way to Cabo Pulmo and the hotels that mark the passage to Todos Santos.

Pioneer hotels have not been left behind. Many have undergone impressive and important renovations in an effort to remain competitive within the industry.

At present, the hospitality industry has increased the value of gastronomy to the degree of developing it as an entire branch of tourism. In many cases, it is the reason for choosing a destination and doing it repetitively.

Gastronomy has been reinvented. The variety of ingredients and techniques seems to be endless. Flavors that were barely given a second thought now lead trends such as spicy, fermented, stale, organic, micro vegetables, fusions and countless techniques that, incidentally, also apply to the mixology of bars and cocktails.

The presentation has also evolved. In this sense, the traditional gold and silverware, the sumptuous dishes and the expensive glassware have undergone impressive changes. It is in all this that the new luxury resides and points. In the different, rare, exotic, unique, unrepeatable and especially those experiences that make you wake up and use all the senses.

Los Cabos has become a recognized reference point for culinary, hospitality, architectural and luxury experiences.

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