Discover Yorigiobe a paradise on the Pacific

In Yaki Mayo language, Yorigiobe means “wrong white man.” What may be a challenging uninhabited terrain, for those seeking an internal relaxation retreat it is just the right spot.

The Pacific coast region is quiet, with large stretches of beach and spectacular sunsets. To live in Yorigiobe is to live surrounded by the comfortable climate of the coast. This area is ideal for activities such as surfing, fishing, whale watching, swimming in the open sea and practicing hiking.

Yorigiobe is a project of rustic land facing the sea, located on the Pacific coast in Baja California Sur, Mexico. One hour from the international airport and 45 minutes from the friendly capital, La Paz. Near old family ranches, small orchards and a couple of isolated villages that will help you to reconnect with a simpler lifestyle without sound pollution and in contact with nature.

Yorigiobe offers a quiet and safe rural beach environment. The road to the fishing community Conquista Agraria is on the federal highway to La Paz-Ciudad Constitution with an exit at Km 38. The 11-mile dirt road passes through cactus and endemic flora to a heaven of pure relaxation on the Pacific coast.

Green Blue Real Estate represents projects that are environmentally aware. Although there are no construction regulations on rustic lots, those who decide to invest in a piece of this paradise are avid lovers of the environment. From solar panels and renewable energy sources to sustainable materials, Green Blue Real Estate respects the environment.

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The access is through the fishing community Conquista Agraria, following the federal highway north of La Paz to Ciudad Constitucion with a detour at Km 38. Hence an 18km route along a dirt road between cacti and endemic flora ventures you into the purest relaxation paradise on the Pacific.

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