Regional cuisine in Sabor a Cabo Rural

Returning to the roots is always a challenge. It shouldn’t be that way, but, right now, with the level of immediacy we are looking for, technology, consumerism, and those issues that make us lose focus, the human has detached himself from his roots, from his ground. 

Sabor a Cabo Rural reminds us of the importance of going back, back to the origins. 

Thanks to the 15 traditional cooks who participated and played a fundamental role with the chefs to recreate traditional recipes such as sopa fresca, tacos, tamales, and wild pig, we were able to have a taste of what is the traditional Ranches cuisine of Baja California Sur in a Sunday afternoon. 

It is increasingly common to meet people who want to relive these kinds of experiences —that remind them of those flavors that make you vibrate, try new pairings that highlight the intensity of the pork or “lengua.” You are not only eating something that you no longer commonly eat, but also, you are on a stage surrounded by nature, by life. 

Among the green of the trees, the cacti that have been thousands of years in that place where you are standing, the incredible view towards the mountains, and the sun that peeked between hills, you are in Sabor a Cabo Rural, enjoying a dish and coexisting at the Sol de Mayo Ecological Ranch, located in Santiago. 

Santiago is a town that belongs to the municipality of Los Cabos, located in the middle of an oasis and full of breathtaking views, even from the window while driving your car. 

The event brought together whole families and chefs who shared their respect for the regional cuisine of our state. Space was huge, and you could walk with your cowboy boots and hat while making an official stop in Baja Wines for a white wine from Casa Madero to refresh your palate. 

Among the dancers and the regional songs, the attendees enjoyed the dishes, the occasional conversation with the chefs. You could realize that it is not so difficult to look for such events that bring us back to our roots, to the origins. 

You had not only tasted typical dishes of Baja California Sur, but also, you supported one of the most critical organizations in the country: the DIF (National System for the Integral Development of the Family). In this way, there was a “full belly but also a happy heart.” 

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