El Triunfo

This fascinating town will transport you back in time with its cobble-stone streets, 20th century architecture and the warmth of its people. El Triunfo is an ideal day trip for the entire family and friends.

Relax with a cup of coffee or tea in a Victorian hall, admire the historic buildings, discover a couple of shops and museums, visit the French, Chinese and American cemeteries, cross the old bridge, explore the park and ruins around the Ramona and Julia chimney, or delight your palate with delicious local dishes.

Ruta de Plata Museum

A repository of knowledge about the history of mining in the peninsula, the museum educates attendees through displays of ores and the equipment that was used in earlier times by the inhabitants.

This interactive museum is an entertainment option for the whole family!

With digital images that change to show the lifestyle in the golden age, an audiovisual room with an introductory video, as well as touch screens that allow children to explore the region’s flora and fauna, listen to oral legends and even enter into a replica of a mine where they can simulate a demolition and ring the bell.

It鈥檚 the favorite place for everyone to learn about the history of this region.

Open Wednesday to Monday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

El Minero Bar Restaurant

In the outer courtyard of the museum, you can see bronze sculptures representing Sofia the mule and Juan Matute the surveyor who evoke memories of the time when engineers, miners, mules and horses roamed the streets.

The menu includes handmade sausages, fresh seafood, paella, artisan cheeses, homemade condiments and root beer floats. In addition, there鈥檚 a wine cellar, a selection of craft beers, tequilas, mezcal and the house cocktails that include two types of margaritas.

On Saturday and Sunday, enjoy live music and the chef’s paella freshly prepared on embers of mesquite.

Victorian Tea Room

Margery’s Tea Room is named in honor of the daughter of Arthur C. Nall, who was one of the first to migrate to La Paz and the person who introduced baseball to the area.

At Margery鈥檚, you can experience a traditional English tea service, enjoy weekend concerts performed on a Steinway piano, and discover a collection of antique hats that you can wear during your visit.

Don鈥檛 miss the collection of games to be played over tea and coffee. There are also porcelain tea sets and individual cups for sale. If you would prefer to sit for a while, you鈥檒l find desserts, sparkling wines, coffee and ice cream. The lounge is also available for private events.

Cava Toggle


The perfect place to combine a tasty beverage with exquisite local artisan cheeses, fresh and organic oysters from Sol Azul or a simple, light snack. The cellar can also be reserved for private parties.

Open on Saturdays and Sundays, be sure to visit Toggle. Our small wine cellar is located in the upper square at the entrance to the museum.

Enjoy a glass of wine or beer in the cozy space or relax on the patio in the shade of mesquite trees.

Food Festival

In case you need another reason to visit this magnificent town, a traditional Food Festival has been held here for four consecutive years. The cozy atmosphere of Triunfo is enlivened with the presence of gastronomy enthusiasts who are treated to diverse dishes from 15 restaurants from La Paz, Todos Santos, Los Cabos and Costa Palmas. In addition, there are wine pairings, craft beers, tequilas, mezcal and even damiana liquor!

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