The Legend: Minachi

Picturesque characters exist everywhere. Todos Santos is no exception. Years ago, the unmistakable Minachi was recognized by all the residents. Every morning, he walked past houses begging for food that he deposited in a bucket. He received everything, including beans, soup, meat, and fish. It was a real mixture that he consumed later in his shelter. Some people handed him coins that he kept in bags he then buried.

His dirty appearance, both in his clothes and his body, forced the police to bathe him at least every fifteen days and dress him with clothes donated by families. On his morning journeys, he murmured some phrases in English, as if to maintain communication with a world that had him marginalized.

Ignacio Dom铆nguez Falc贸n was his real name. He was the son of Mr. Rodolfo Dominguez Montoy, originally from El Triunfo, who had changed his residence for work. Minachi grew up and studied in Todos Santos, leading a quiet social life, surrounded by good friends. While still young, he decided to try his luck in Hollywood.

Ignacio was part of a group of dancers who performed in musicals. As with many Latin boys, he had several loves, among them was a woman of color to whom he gave himself with all the impetuousness of youth.

Suddenly and without explanation, he returned to Todos Santos where he dedicated himself to enjoying life. He dressed all in white and never missed a party where he could exhibit his dancing skills. He became a recognized and envied personality.

Life went smoothly for Ignacio until one day he suddenly lost his mind. His relatives had no idea of the cause. They say he received a letter from his abandoned love across the border and that when it was opened, a flume of powder escaped and was inhaled by Minachi. Others venture that he took an overdose of stimulants that affected his nervous system.

For reasons that were not understood, Minachi used to travel only in the morning and in the afternoon. Nobody saw him any other time. When one afternoon he was seen wrapped in a blanket and walking with difficulty. People who saw him thought that something had happened to him.

He was indeed very tired and died on December 24 in the middle of Christmas Eve. The priest who gave him the holy oils said: “The Nachito chose this date to die so that we would remember him …”

In truth, part of Minachi remains alive. Treasure hunters still try to find the coin bags.

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