Editorial Letter: Baja California Sur, Mexico

Gastronomy is one of the characteristics that makes Los Cabos, La Paz, Todos Santos, El Triunfo and, in general, Southern California an extraordinary place to visit. You can pamper your palate!

In this edition, we get into the kitchens with the chefs of some of the most representative, new and preferred restaurants by travelers. These dining establishments should definitely be on your travel list.

Local ingredients from both the sea and from oasis in the middle of the desert make the gastronomic offerings in Los Cabos true treasures. The number of recipes that originate here are extensive and as unique as the experiences and the boldness of the chefs. They cannot be labelled as any specific trend. Add to that the excellent service that continues to garner recognition, which is, without a doubt, the result of continuous training.

Please keep reading and learn why national and international foodies and gourmands continue to seek us out. Our wish is that each page awakens your appetite and compels you to experience the deliciousness of this peninsula. Bon Appetite!


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Edición 46 - Baja California Sur, Mexico
Edición 46 - Baja California Sur, Mexicohttp://localhost/tendencia
En esta edición nos adentramos con quienes liderean las cocinas de algunos restaurantes emblemáticos, nuevos y preferidos por los viajeros. Sin duda deben estar en tu próxima lista de viaje.


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