Traveling: Baja California Sur, Mexico

Much has already been written about the variety of Baja California Sur gastronomy. It doesn’t matter. It will never be enough to recognize the excellence that has been achieved in this area. It is the result of the intense competition that has taken place in the southern part of the peninsula due to the growth in tourism and real estate.

The supply of ingredients may have been a hindrance a few years ago. Even so, the native and local cuisine of the rancherias and villages was extraordinary. Nowadays, you can get spices, herbs, fish and shellfish, cuts of meat and the most exotic ingredients day in and day out. If not from specialized vendors, then immediately on many menus. Chefs delight us by preparing amazing dishes in film-worthy settings.


The fusion of kitchens between different countries and continents is increasingly daring and rules no longer apply. The blending of the ancestral with the modern, the classic with the contemporary, the sophisticated with the relaxed has produced unimaginable flavors and textures.

All the above is no longer exclusive to restaurants. It’s now possible to take dining experiences to hidden places, to the beach, to the mountains, to the desert and why not, to an offshore yacht. It is part of the adventure of Los Cabos and Baja California Sur. Having a craving for something is the only requirement for obtaining it, which is exactly the challenge of those who prepare and serve it.

Just as you can offer lobster tacos and Rosarito-style beans on the beach, there can also be spicy Asian delicacies prepared in restaurants, or Indian specialties, or how about a Wagyu Japanese cut of beef or a simple grilled citrus salad.

Los Cabos is an expanding tourist destination that has much to offer over the coming years with the arrival of large and luxurious hotel chains that have already ventured beyond the frontiers of San Jose del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas. They have expanded to where the wonderful golden beaches and incredible shades of blue contrast with the Sudcalifornian desert.

Even so, if you are a lover of traditional cuisine and everything that made Los Cabos famous, including the food from its authentic ranches and small villages, you can still find it with no problem. Machaca breakfasts with eggs, coffee bags, and traditional sweets with freshly baked bread make each community a special corner of the country worth discovering every day.

It’s impossible to have an original meal here without a drink, a bag of coffee, damiana liquor, some fruit, or a selection from the wide selection of wines from the different Mexican wine regions, especially the Valle de Guadalupe and surroundings, and those international wines from the United States, Europe and South America. A good meal is worthy of a careful pairing and that can even be a cold craft beer.

But speaking and writing about the gastronomy of the area are only words and are only descriptions that must be accompanied by experience and adventure. When you do take a picture, upload it to your social networks and share it with your friends and loved ones. What better way to close the gastronomic circle? Just know that the only way to remember a tasty experience is to actually use the five senses to enjoy it.

Any sport or activity you really enjoy, golf, fishing, diving, or surfing, will always be better when accompanied by a delicious meal, a drink and extraordinary company. Surprise someone with an invitation to try the gastronomy of Baja California Sur.

Welcome, enjoy your stay!

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