The Secret Circle by The Wine Bar Heritage

Once again, we return to the Secret Circle. The common place that allows us to meet different opinion leaders from different companies, who seek the collective benefit of Los Cabos.
The meeting point was The Wine Bar. On this occasion, Rodrigo Esponda, director of Los Cabos Tourism Board, was the guest speeker on the Secret Circle. Since we are living thought difficult times, where panic and the lack of information makes us think on the worst possible scenario, Rodrigo Esponda in the first minutes of the talk addressed the subject of COVID-19.

Attendees were real estate agents, doctors, attorneys, and entrepreneurs from brands like Cabo Expeditions, Solterra, Yandi Monardo Art Gallery, US Foods, and California Ranch Market. Attentive to Rodrigo, each of them listened to the three possible scenarios that the Tourism Board had foreseen ahead of the crisis, above all, to be prepared for what is to come.

We are currently in the first scenario, where Los Cabos growth rate will impact directly until May of 2020. Therefore, Rodrigo reminded us the importance of maintaining a positive mind and not being discouraged.

Because if we lose that spark that makes us love our destination, who is going to do it for us?

Dinner at that time had begun. It was a four-course menu: a fresh salad with Prosecco, vegetable soup cooked for 6 hours over low heat and Italian white wine, cannelloni with parmesan cheese and a glass of red wine belonging to a family that has been making wine for 300 years.

To finish the gastronomic tour, we were presented a panna cotta with iced wine. The elaboration process requires to freeze grapes between –7 and –13 degrees Celsius.


Some of the topics that were addressed that night were medical conferences, promoting the art culture, the importance of preserving the seas, and how tourism is constantly reactivated because traveling, for many, is a necessity.

In the last moments of the night focused on talking about Baja California Sur, about the tour we took in September and that reminded us the importance of experiencing unknown places.

Unknown was how the night started, but the way it ended was very different. Once again, those who were strangers exchanged business cards and a question came up: why not meet every Thursday?

And that, my friends, is the magic of the Secret Circle. 

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