The union, the spirit of Los Cabos

Once again, Los Cabos stands out for the organization of its associations and the strategies of its representatives both abroad with commercial partners and within the destination. The key is in alliances and continuous communication.

The Los Cabos Tourism Board backed by the various associations and councils of the tourism sector has communicated in a timely manner to business partners about the actions taken to face the covid-19. This allows us all to think of strategies to reactivate ourselves once the pandemic is over.

[two_first] “The first strategy we are implementing is the information phase, sharing with our business partners the measures we are taking, the protocols, the cleaning campaigns, and we have a specific website for this. Phase two, later, will be a campaign to remember the attributes of Los Cabos. Phase three, once the crisis is over, will be a repositioning strategy.” Rodrigo Esponda, General Director, Tourism Trust of Los Cabos commented.

Likewise, the importance of human capital for the hotel sector was highlighted in a statement, aware of the socio-economic affectations that are approaching for all levels of the population and the uncertainty that this entails, the strategies that are sought to be implemented are aimed at preserving the entire workforce.

“One of the greatest strengths that Los Cabos has and that has allowed it to position itself as a top-level tourist destination, is the union that has always prevailed throughout the tourism and business sector, which is recognized and considered an example to follow at the national level.” Lilzi Orcí, Executive President of the Los Cabos Hotel Association.

On his part, the president of the Los Cabos Coordinating Council, Julio Castillo Gómez, reported that both hoteliers and service providers made the decision to join forces while the quarantine and social distancing are going through.


“As a society, we have come forward ahead of any crisis, and this time will be no exception.” Julio Castillo Gómez commented

The nature of Los Cabos is a factor that inspires us all, it is the engine of our society that provokes magic beyond the everyday, it is the spirit of Los Cabos that will be ready to reactivate and receive the visitor after the contingency.

The population as well as the trading partners remain informed at all times. They are not fatalistic news, nor are they utopian notes, they are simply the facts. Each one makes his own opinion.

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