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Aprisco de la Toba

The term Aprisco refers to the shelter used by the shepherd to protect his cattle from inclement weather and predators. In Ciudad Insurgentes, Comondu “Aprisco de la Toba” is a tribute to best practices in nature management.

A team of 30 people comprise the workforce on a 1,500-acre piece of land with about 300 animals. Each member is a specialist when it comes to the milking of goats, their food and reproductive care, as well as cheese making, fruit picking, preparation and packaging of juices, alfalfa harvesting, and composting.

“When you respect nature and work with it, a farm gives you everything you need. We are a big family here. If one does well, all of us do well.” Adolfo Ramírez


Don Adolfo, affectionately referred to as the boss, coordinates the operation of the ranch. He confirms that when one loves his work, time passes without realizing it. His hobby when he has free time? Be on the farm!

Federico Medina de la Toba is responsible for the marketing of ranch products: oranges, tangerines, fresh juices, organic eggs and the stellar goat cheese.

“Do everything in life with humility. We started the production of goat cheese three years ago. Since then, we have improved our techniques with advice from the Research Center of Cuba who periodically conducts inspection and follow-up visits.”

The stallion is a Murcian Granadino brought from Spain, a goat that helps detect goats in their fertile stage. The process of reproduction is in vitro, which maintains the purity of the breed and, in turn, gives more time for baby goats to mature in their mother’s belly.


“The goats reach their reproductive stage in seven months. Here at the ranch, they are given up to a year or a year-and-a-half before breeding. The purity of the species is safeguarded. No goat that resembles the stallion is impregnated.” Nolvia Magaña Morales, Reproduction Engineer.

Misael Medina de la Toba oversees the cheese preparation. From a soft paste, it is possible to get more than 40 types of natural spreadable cheeses, such as fine herb, cranberry, garlic, and more. The weather allows the pressed paste to ripen at a controlled temperature to obtain feta cheese, mature cheese, or aged cheese.

We highly recommend a full day in the ranch. Enjoy a freshly squeezed juice and breakfast of organic eggs and goat cheese. Then start the day by closely observing the process of cheese preparation. A walk around orange trees, tangerine trees, pines trees and alfalfa fields undoubtedly complement the experience.


Comondu is one of the municipalities of Baja California Sur, located 4.5 hours from Los Cabos by federal highway N.1

The tobeños protect the root name of this region in Comondu. That passion is the engine that drives the ranch Aprisco de la Toba. The products made in this region of Baja California Sur are the result of a South California effort. You can find them at these organic stores.

  • Organic Market | La Paz
  • Organic Market & La Popular | Todos Santos
  • Agricole | Pescadero

A visit to the ranch is sure to refresh your senses. For guided tours and a personalized natural experience, go to:

WhatsApp 624-104-6509.

Facebook: @Quesogourmetdecabra

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