The Bareño Family of the Californias

Californian Literature


“All families form a cluster of memories, stories, and events that are shared and passed from one generation to the next. They constitute a family’s collective memory.”

Our curiosity about the origin and the stories of those who settled the Californias has revealed a panoramic view of this region’s past. The relationship between history and memory is the thread that allows a society to have a coherent identity.

A thorough investigation by Carlos Verdugo, that includes six generations with the same surname, uncovers the last name of one of the families that was the foundation of the South California population. This book offers anecdotes, stories and experiences of Los Bareño.

It is the missing piece of the puzzle for those who consider this peninsula their land!

Carlos Tomas Verdugo Rodriguez

Born in the city of La Paz in 1956, Carlos traveled to the state of Jalisco to study Chemical Engineering at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara. His Master’s Degree in Education Sciences came from the Superior Normal School of Baja California Sur in La Paz, BCS.

Carlos worked in Mexico City for the federal government in the water desalination program until he returned home and was employed by various institutions of higher secondary education. After a 31-year career in management at the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur, he retired.

In 2012, Carlos published the genealogical work La Familia Verdugo in Baja California Sur through the Instituto Sudcaliforniano de Cultura. In 2017, he partnered with other South Californians to establish “Californios Amigos de la Historia y los Estudios Locales, A.C.” CAHEL is an association dedicated to rescuing, preserving and communicating everything related to South California.


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