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The times we live in are unprecedented and we don’t know what the future holds. It is up to us to do what we can to create a stronger, more united, more conscious society.

If you are looking to get involved in creating this type of society, you are capable of doing it. The Baja California Sur Community Alliance did it!  With only two months of operation, it has found a way to help Baja California Sur with food and medical supplies.

We spoke with Korey Riggs, who is the Executive Director of one of the 8 nonprofits that founded the project. He explained the dynamics of the Alliance, what is happening in the community, and most importantly, how we can help.

Korey said the Baja California Sur Community Alliance is made up of 88 civil organizations and 100 private companies working in coordination with the government. Riggs mentioned that it is important to note that the Alliance is a private initiative and is not affiliated with the Government or any political party. The Alliance works alongside the Government to deliver food baskets by receiving support from The National Guard, The Marines, and the Army.

“It is inspirational to see how Los Cabos, La Paz and the entire state have come together to support this initiative.  Along with the nonprofits and businesses involved in the Alliance, there are hundreds of dedicated volunteers working daily to deliver food packages to people in need!” said Korey.

The founding members of the BCS Community Alliance are Los Cabos Children Foundation, Cómo Vamos La Paz, International Community Foundation, Cancer Registry of Baja California Sur, Chileno Bay/El Dorado Foundation, Alumbra Foundation, the Food Security Alliance and the Los Cabos Community Alliance.


If you are considering volunteering and being part of the Alliance, you can enter the official website to fill out a volunteer form and sign up for the volunteer course.  The course teaches you about the safety protocols of delivering the food packages in the current environment of the COVID19 crisis.

The Alliance has an emergency specialist who has helps prepare the volunteers. Among other suggestions, it is suggested that the volunteers maintain a safe distance when delivering food baskets, remain hydrated and wear long-sleeved clothing due to sun exposure.

Thanks to the work of the volunteers and the nonprofits and businesses involved in the Alliance, over 40,000 families have received food packages to date.

There are three ways you can contribute:

  1. In-kind donations: food, cleaning supplies and items like diapers.
  2. Adopt a family: for only $20 USD, you can feed a family of 4 for 15 days.
  3. Donate on the website: any amount helps! You can receive a tax receipt from the United States, Canada or Mexico.

At the end of our call, Korey emphasized an important message: “We can solve this. The challenge is huge, but the response from the community has been of equal proportion.”

The goal, says Riggs, is for the Alliance to be able to continue to respond to this crisis and be ready to respond to future emergency situations.  When asked if that means a natural disaster like a hurricane or something worse, Riggs answered: “Whatever comes, we’ll be ready.”

So far, the Alliance has raised $3,641,849 USD. The goal is to reach $7,500,000 USD. Visit and get involved!

Photos by: Jaime Llaca 

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