Traveling, The evolution of tourism in Baja California Sur

If anything has been particularly noticeable about Los Cabos in recent years, it is the focus and specialization within a tertiary sector of the economy. We have gradually become stronger in the service segment, especially in any area that begins and ends with tourism.

The primary and secondary sectors of the economy excel in aspects of sustainability and consumption, thanks to the climate and geographic conditions. However, throughout the State of Baja California Sur, our efforts have been concentrated on tourism which, incidentally, has grown exponentially.

The degree of specialization that has been achieved in the tourism sector has also led to diversity in the type and level of organizations that surround it, including the number of associates, the frequency with which they meet and the problems that each reviews and addresses. The members work together with a single purpose: excellence in tourism.

In Los Cabos, there are many associations connected to tourism. They range from the most generic to the very specific. That includes schools, technical training centers and universities. Of course, there are also those that want to periodically meet specialists and guests from other parts of the planet, or, simply socialize and network with their associates.

The origin of all this is the tourist. Tourism has systematically chosen this destination for conventions, group meetings, weddings, special events, concerts, honeymoons, anniversaries, family or couple vacations, dining experiences, extreme or outdoor activities, whale watching, sport fishing, golf, art exhibitions or just a pleasant rest. For this reason and many more, tourists feel relaxed and cared for in an atmosphere of casual sophistication. That allows him or her to casually live alongside national and international celebrities and artists.

You can arrive in Los Cabos by federal Highway 1. The natural setting makes this wonderful route a one-of-a-kind experience that has inspired various texts, movies and television series. The towns and cities, ranches, communities, virgin beaches and hiding places along the way make time stand still so you can enjoy every minute of the trip. You can also arrive by sea and choose between several marinas throughout the state, mainly in Los Cabos, La Paz and Loreto. Or, if you want to arrive directly from inside the country or abroad, the State has four airports where you can start enjoying your unique experience.

This anniversary makes us want to remember the last ten years. At the same time, it serves as an invitation to visit this destinations, either for the first time or on a recurring basis. There will always be something new and a new experience that will make your travel a memorable experience.

We have implemented the necessary travel measures to reconquer the pleasure of traveling to Baja California Sur.

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