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5 Tips to keep a healthy mind and body at home

For the upcoming Tendencia Wellness issue we interviewed Emelie Eldridge.

She is a devoted mom, international certified life coach, yoga teacher, and reiki master. Emelie has been living in the magic town of Todos Santos. She shares some advices for you to keep a wellness life.

Although people are gradually stepping out of the quarantine, some of us either voluntarily or due to medical conditions need to stay further on sheltered in our homes.

If this is your case, or you simply look for practical steps to get back to the routine, follow these five advices to keep a healthy mind and body at home!

  • Getting fresh air. If you can, walk on a secluded place, is really important to breathe natural air once a day. Do what you can to connect to nature.

  • Find good groceries. What you eat reflects on how you feel.
  • Keep moving. It can be a good time to start practicing yoga, or any sport.
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  • Don’t get stuck in social media. Everyone has their own opinion, it can be an endless loop. Choose your reliable sources, and limit the time you spend on them.
  • Take a moment to reflect how you feel every day. You can either begin a journal, dig your artistic side, reed books.

Some days we all just need a little inspiration to change our way of life. Remember we are always moving forward, there is no going back.

Start where you are, write down your new goals and begin little by little.

You have the opportunity to create a new routine so once you are ready to step out of the quarantine, embrace the new world ahead!


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