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Nicksan’s Transformation

2020 has been a year of real change and Nicksan is no exception. After 25 years in Los Cabos, Nicksan decided to reinvent itself by adapting and presenting an attractive new identity that inspires Nicksan’s culinary style.

Raul Petraglia, Chief Brands Curator of Petraglia & Partners and a Nicksan consultant and part of strategic planning for restaurants, chef Angel Carbajal with Studio 3.14, and a team of architects, designers, and urban sociologists specializing in relationship architecture comprised the main component for this job.

Both teams have successfully worked on past projects. For example, the renovation and image of a well-known hotel in Cabo San Lucas. This, and the fact that 3.14 designed Nicksan in Nuevo Vallarta, leveled the playing field and helped the teams decide to work together with the architectural firm from Guadalajara for the remodel of Nicksan Cabo.

“The collaborative and creative process between 3.14 and P&P started with a close understanding of the brand, the location, history and the legacy of the Carbajal family,” said Raul Petraglia.

DNA is what defines us, the identity that makes us unique and differentiates us from the rest. As a result, Studio 3.14 is as an ideal ally to creating the DNA for Nicksan’s renovation and sketching a new experience with a sophisticated flair from its existing classic style.

Inspired by polarities between Chef Angel Carbajal and his mentor Masayuki Niikura, Studio 3.14 combined the references of both cultures to physically recreate certain spaces in the restaurants. With features from Japanese and Mexican cultures, the team of architects elevated Nicksan’s style to focus on a dynamic ambience.

Studio 3.14 uses social relationships, cultures, ideas and skill disciplines to create innovative projects. Pursuing this essence and looking to create trends that shows the contrasting history behind Nicksan, creates a vibrant and dynamic space that demonstrates the vision of the Carbajal family.

Creating scenarios for different experiences, Studio 3.14 divided the main floor into five areas: the VIP area led by chef Angel Carbajal, the sushi bar where the magic of omakase occurs, two private spaces with capacity for up to twelve people making it ideal for an event, and a new space for the bar with spectacular lighting and a brand new air extraction system.

Wood, lighting and acoustic details, as well as other finishes, reflect a vision that portrays originality and distinguishes Nicksan as an attractive, warm and dynamic space for everyone.

“For us, the best thing is to have a classic style that can be renewed, because when you are working with an established brand, it’s possible to create projects that no one else can do, especially in a place so vibrant as Cabo San Lucas. We consider it the Hollywood by the Sea. Follow us on the transformation of Nicksan.” said Leonardo Diaz, founding partner and studio creative director.


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