Six activities you cannot miss when visiting Loreto

Located at the heart of the Baja California Sur peninsula, besides being home to iconic species such as the blue whale, Loreto is also an open door for adventure and culture.

For land or by sea, the adventures in this magical place doesn’t seem to end. Here, we introduce to you a complete list of activities for travelers who love to discover places:

  1. Kayak
Fideicomiso de Turismo Loreto

The majestic islands of the National Park of Loreto, recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO in 2005, are full of incredible species such as whales, orca, dolphins, sea lions, and birds. Kayak trips are among the favorite activities for those who want to lose themselves in the blue waters of the Gulf of California.

  1. Snorkel
Fideicomiso de Turismo Loreto

Jaques Cousteau gave the Gulf of California the name “Aquarium of the world,” and it sure is! The treasure of its waters is a spectacular show you cannot miss. Dive into the unknown with sea species like stingrays, gigantic shoals, turtles, and more.

  1. Whale watching
Fideicomiso de Turismo Loreto

As we mentioned before, many sea species call home Loreto, but if that hasn’t convinced you, we are utterly sure that watching the biggest mammal on earth will. Besides the blue whale, the other seven whales visit this place like orcas, humpback, and gray whales.

  1. Missions roads
Fideicomiso de Turismo Loreto

Until 1777, Loreto was known to be the capital of Californians, and it was the place where Camino Real founded missions all over the peninsula. Its foundation in 1697 packed the place with history. Nuestra Señora de Loreto Concho and San Francisco Javier were both Jesuits churches you must visit.

  1. Cave paintings
Fideicomiso de Turismo Loreto

Streams, caves, and walls were the canvas for ancient settlers of the peninsula. Nowadays, their print it’s found in the present territory as a historical reminder of what life looked like to them.

  1. Hiking
Fideicomiso de Turismo Loreto

Adventure is the new vocabulary for travelers, and the fantastic landscapes you’ll find will allow you to step out of your comfort zone to be with flora and fauna. Huge rocks and water puddles will take you to places you’ll never want to leave.

Loreto welcomes you with this and more! What are you waiting for? Visit it and find why it’s called a magic town!

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