The Interview: Jacqueline Hernández

“We work hard to make the best technology available so quality films can be made in our country. We also provide the best tools possible so that filmmakers can keep their projects moving forward.”

With a degree in Marketing and a master’s degree in Customer Centric Marketing from ESIC Business & Marketing School (Madrid), Jacqueline has been immersed in the film industry for 10 years. Today, she is a national and international representative of CTT Exp & Rentals, a company with more than 30 years of experience.

What projects have emerged for CTT at the Los Cabos International Film Festival?

CTT has been collaborating with the festival for six years. It is a prestigious event that brings together the most renowned figures in cinema. We have launched various projects thanks to this platform. The last project we supported at the 2019 festival was the award-winning film “The Hole in the Fence” by Joaquín del Paso.

Why is it important for CTT as a Mexican company to support national cinema?We know that sometimes resources are limited for Mexican cinema. That’s why CTT Exp & Rentals decided to participate by awarding a prize of around 1.3 million pesos in production equipment. That amount will cover four to five weeks of filming.

What criteria does CTT use to decide the winner of the Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund?

For me, the main criteria is the depth of passion when presenting the project and the story. Sometimes it immediately envelops you, convinces you and makes you want to be part of that project. Then we assess the progress in the financing part to see how close it is to being possible. Those are two key factors for us.

We know that our award can be a lever to get more funding and to make the project a reality.

Have you carried out projects in Baja California Sur as a production location?

We started a movie in different locations in the Baja California peninsula. Lately, the demand for projects in this destination has grown.

It is important to note that we have just solidified an alliance with a production company in San José del Cabo, Damiana Rentals, to be able to cover projects on this side of the country.

What makes the Los Cabos International Film Festival different?

I personally love the festival. I learn about all the projects that are about to come out.  For us, as a company, that’s important and a way to generate friendships and long-term relationships with all the guests. The quality of the projects is always excellent.

How does the entertainment industry recover after COVID-19?

CTT is a solid company and I believe that, thanks to this, we are able to cope with the pandemic without it affecting our work team. We have a favorable outlook from this point on. In fact, we are already working on several productions. At least, national films are in the process of being reactivated. There are several movies scheduled to be made during October and November 2020.

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Edición 49 - Film Festival Los Cabos
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