Live a Toro moment

Cinema moves us to the point we share emotions with the characters in the films. Many of us can imagine a scene with friends who, after a long time, find themselves in a rustic cafe, or maybe a romantic dinner for a couple where the lady makes her presence known with a low-cut dress and the gentleman steals sighs with his suit and tie.

Although food has managed to capture the attention of the camera in such a way that today it is the protagonist in a TV series and even movies, the atmosphere of a restaurant is the key to turning a secondary scene into an iconic one.

The atmosphere sets the stage! From the moment you step into the entrance Toro Latin Kitchen & Bar grabs your attention. Immerse yourself in a desert environment, vegetation and artfully lit. Be the main character of the film, live your Toro moment!

With a warm welcome, a host leads you to a reserved table and the evening is ready to be remembered for life. The perfect timing between a cocktail, appetizer, entree and dessert is orchestrated as if directed by someone behind the scenes.

And then, you are captivated by the gastronomic art, just as some dishes have done in movie scenes, such as quail in rose petals (Like Water for Chocolate, 1992) or ratatouille (Ratatouille, 2007). Those moments are recorded in the memory of the palate and, at the same time, make us envy being there.

There is no doubt that unexpected and inspiring moments happen around a table. At Toro Latin Kitchen & Bar you can experience a journey of Latin American flavors that capture your senses.

Toro is the ideal location for a movie experience!

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