R  E  S  E  R  V  A    T  U     V  I  A  J  E

Dine with us, stay with us

When Nobu was created in 1987 by chef Nobu Matsuhisa, it became the place to go for Hollywood actors, food critics, public characters, and foodies. Since then, the empire has grown into a series of hotels with the help of the chef’s partners Meir Teper and Robert De Niro.

Today, Nobu has fifteen hotels throughout the world in places like Brazil, Canada, the United States, Spain and, of course, Mexico. The idea by Nobu Matsuhisa was to create a place that was luxurious, but not necessarily exclusive. The goal was to have guests relax, enjoy a good conversation, taste incredible dishes, and go home with a big smile on their faces.

The hotel concept is a contrast between modern and avant-garde, with minimalist and traditional Japanese features. This way, a brand was created that hadn’t already been established in the world. Each hotel offers a singular experience depending on the city. However, regardless of the location, the property design consistently features the impressive spaces that characterize the brand.

After opening the first Nobu in Las Vegas in 2013, the Robb Report named the brand one of the twenty-five most luxurious and innovative hotels in the world. After expanding to Ibiza and Riyadh, Nobu decided to make its grand debut in Los Cabos in 2019.

With 200 rooms, four pools, private cabins, and a spa, Nobu Los Cabos has become a vacation sanctuary with open spaces full of light, aesthetic accommodations and minimalist designs using local products.

A year after it opened its doors on the Baja California Sur peninsula, Nobu Los Cabos reminds us that the focus is on serving the client, the astonishing designs, and definitely on the Japanese-Peruvian cuisine.


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