Dare to Discover the Garden Cuisine at Picaro in Rancho San Lucas

Only one thing may be better than seeing the Pacific Ocean at sunset, enjoying it while discovering one of the delicious dishes at Picaro, Garden Cuisine.

If you鈥檙e a local, this new culinary proposal invites you to explore the other side of the coin where the ingredients play the major roles. The essence of Picaro is based on completely organic, completely fresh products.

The imagination of the chef, Christian Ricci, is present in every menu he creates and Sabores de Invierno is no exception. With dishes like a classic beet risotto finished with goat cheese and grilled select steak with roasted potatoes and whiskey beans, the chef continues to delight us with a little mischief in his recipes.

Don’t be afraid to venture into the unknown world of Picaro, located in the Rancho San Lucas resort. The path to the restaurant takes you through a landscape of endemic vegetation until, suddenly, you see the sea with a sky painted orange and pink. It is an experience that will please your senses and is sure to become your new place to celebrate life.


The task is simple: dress comfortably, invite your friends, family or partner, make your reservation, arrive at Rancho San Lucas and let them know you are going to dinner at Picaro. Enter the restaurant and wait for the staff to treat you like the important person you are. Order your cocktails, order your dishes and ask the necessary questions to understand what you are going to eat. In the end, it all comes down to a little daring.

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