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Social networks and travel apps have become essential references when visiting a restaurant regardless of whether it is a frequented destination or a place we have never visited. We have access not only to the description, menu, and prices, but to the ratings that people like us have contributed containing comments about our authentic experiences that are posted without filters or considerations.

However, there are many restaurants that go unnoticed, either because they are not located in a tourist area or because they are mainly interested in reaching customers nearby. That, of course, makes them a local鈥檚 corner. These neighborhood hangouts feature authentic cuisines and are comfortable places where we can enjoy the color, history, traditions, and manners of the people who live in this beautiful tourist destination.

To begin this tour, I could not write about any other restaurant than La Guadalupana de Los Cabos. The menu is full of Mexican traditions including a spicy Tortilla Soup, some Chipotle Meatballs like those my grandmother made, and if you come between June and September, you must try the traditional Chile en Nogada, made with the original Puebla recipe that is battered and garnished with pomegranate and parsley. It is truly an unbeatable experience that is, at least on my list, the number one unmissable dish in the entire destination.

Continuing with traditional food, La carreta – Cocina de mi Barrio is also a must-try. With a close connection to the cuisine in the center of the country, the special Tlayuda with sausage, roast meat and pork cracklings contains the flavors of Oaxaca, as well as its Cemita does with the state of Puebla. The traditional bread, cheese, avocado, chipotles, papalo and freshly fried breaded steak is simply a delicacy. However, if you are hungry early and the dinner menu is far away, do not miss the Torta de Chilaquiles accompanied by a steamed chocolate… because the best Mexican food is always served inside our crunchy bread.

Want more? Visit these recommendations and don’t miss the next edition of Tendencia. There will always be a new dish to enjoy. If you want to share your experiences, write to me at elrincon@joaquinprecoma.com.

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