New project and a new way of communicating: Tendencia Podcast

The evolution of Tendencia has gone through several stages that remind us of how important of it is to be accepting of change and not remain static. For that very reason, we work hard to be in constant motion. At some point, that dynamic becomes processes that leads to a new project like the one we present right here: Tendencia Podcast.

Thanks to the efforts of the entire team, we were able to venture into a new way of communicating and we are sure that our followers will receive it with equal interest.

Podcasts are a series of recorded audio episodes that are broadcast online. The format can vary, be it interviews between guest and a presenter or individual recordings where the presenter or presenters address a specific topic.

About 20 million people right now listen to podcasts and the audience for this new communication format continues to increase in size and popularity. It could be described as a kind of hybrid radio. However, the difference is that the audio in a podcast can be edited and published days later. Radio still has the challenge of being a live broadcast.

Technology allows us to open borders between countries and cultures and to know what moves people in other places. This multiculturalism is part of what we want to achieve with the Tendencia Podcast. We want our guests to sit among friends and give their point of view or offer news about current issues in Los Cabos and surrounding areas.

The podcasts will be created in accordance with the editions of the magazine and the chapters will come out every Friday each month. So, get ready, because Tendencia Podcast is something new and entertaining for you to enjoy while you shower, when you eat, before going to sleep or on the way to work.

We will have entertaining discussions, advice, expert recommendations, intimate looks behind the scenes and, of course, plenty of reasons to visit the Baja California Sur peninsula with us.

You can hear us on Spotify!

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