Hidden Wealth in Los Cabos

What despair! I can’t blame the pandemic because it has happened before. Just when one wants to define something, the language narrows, as the poet Sabines has said. And now that I would like to define something that we all know, sculpture, nothing, nothing that I can think of satisfies me. So, I stick to the accepted concept or the traditional “Art and technique of representing objects or creating three-dimensional figures by working or carving a material.”


Los Cabos has a sensational sculptural heritage that we sometimes do not value. Let’s start with the monument in Plaza Teniente Antonio Mijares dedicated to the astronomer Abate Jean Baptiste Chappe d ’Auteroche who successfully observed and measured the transit of Venus across the solar disk when he arrived with the French-Spanish scientific expedition.

We can also appreciate that in addition to the sculptures of famous heroes and distinguished people, there are other wonders such as the Baldor School fountain that contains four almost life size bronze animals from the deer family endemic to Baja California Sur. The teacher Emilio Gonzalez Plascencia called them Ammo-Gokio (pronghorn in the Cochimi language).

You have probably seen the monument to the Fisherman at the entrance to Medano beach by Maricela Gutierrez and Gonzalez Plascencia, or the bronze Whale Tails at the Punta Ballena entrance to the Hotel Esperanza. There is also the amazing artistic magic of the immortal Leonora Carrington in the sculptures of Puerto Los Cabos where, by the way, there is a sculpture garden with works by the recently deceased teachers Felguerez and Jose Luis Cuevas.

You can appreciate the impressive Sea Lion at the entrance of the Cabo San Lucas marina, or the Whale remains made of wood pieces and logs in the lobby of The Cape, a Thompson Hotel, or the tribute to the pioneer Luis Bulnes, also near the marina.

I recommend visiting the fantastic sculptures of Mauricio Soria in the lobby of the Grand Velas or the extraordinary golden figures of Solaz Resort where the Gabinete del Barco exhibition is located. You can visit the permanent exhibitions in Puerto Paraiso in the Cabo San Lucas marina or the sculpture garden in San Jose del Cabo where there are more than a hundred galleries that seduce the most temperate, as well as the sculpture by Alexander Grossman in honor of tolerance in the Amelia Wilkes public square.

Let’s not forget the Masonic sculpture of The Man of the Universe in Plaza Ley in San Jose del Cabo, and the emblematic figure at the entrance of FONATUR that symbolizes a pinwheel. The Bable is also located next to the Cultural Pavilion of the Republic, and what about the beautiful and symbolic globe in the monument to the Tropic of Cancer heading to La Ribera?

The Sundial at the Todos Santos Viewpoint is another attraction worth our admiration, as well as the monument to the Mother in Miraflores, and the huge Green Glass Cactus in the Cabo San Lucas glass factory. Finally, we also have the Solidarity column along the highway and the statue of San Lucas in Baja Brewing in San Jose del Cabo.

We could continue until the night of forgetfulness arrives. For the record, I still have much to tell. But let me conclude by recommending that you organize a tour in your own vehicle with some refreshing drinks and snacks, and take the family or companions and discover the incomparable hidden sculptural wealth of Los Cabos.

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