Trekking Baja California Sur with your Tribe

Few things strengthen the bonds between friends and family as traveling together. When we travel, we discover a great deal about the personalities of our trip companions. Travel also feeds the soul and expands horizons. That’s why travel is such a perfect way to bring your tribe together and celebrate the people with who you share experiences, conversations and memorable moments.

There’s no better example of how beneficial travel can be than connecting with the spirit of the nomads that lived in Baja California Sur and discovering magical and unforgettable places with family and friends.

The cave paintings in the Sierra de San Francisco are an experience that will take you back in time and become the subject of countless hours of conversation.

Whether you choose to camp for a few nights and explore up to five areas that have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO or enjoy a day trip departing from San Ignacio where you will find accommodations with a rustic charm, the cave paintings are guaranteed to be amazing. Although there is easy access to the paintings, remember you must be accompanied by a guide authorized by the Instituto Nacional de Antropología y Historia (INAH), Mexico’s national history and anthropology institute.

There is nothing like sleeping under the stars to give you a new perspective. Once you gaze at the Milky Way as it lights the night sky, you realize nothing is as serious as you thought. Fortunately, the southern half of Baja California Sur offers camping options as varied as the preferences of your party.

You can choose oceanfront, family friendly experiences at La Ventana. You can even opt for style and comfort on the shores of the Sea of Cortez, or rustic campsites in the Sierra de la Laguna, where you have to be prepared to hike and disconnect while you “rough it” surrounded by the breathtaking natural beauty. Whatever your preference, trekking through Baja California Sur will provide the ideal experience to connect with those who really matter: your tribe.

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