A road trip through the countryside of Miraflores

The Miraflores delegation offers breathtaking natural landscapes and beautiful places to rest and relax. The greatest wealth is the warmth of the people. The friendly spirit that characterizes South Californian ranchers will make you feel welcome. They will open the doors to their community, their homes. There are a total of six sub-delegations. However, we will introduce you to three of them to begin your journey.


This community of approximately 700 inhabitants is located north of the municipality of Los Cabos. The name refers to the words “Cañada Verde” in the language of the first inhabitants of South California.

Livestock and agriculture are the main economic activities. During your trip, you will be surrounded by endemic plants and trees. We recommend you go with your camera at the ready. The colors and the size of the flora will inspire you to capture unforgetable images. On top of that, birds, cows and other animals will appear where you least expect them.

Don’t leave without visiting the mysterious “arbol de fuego” (fire tree), a long-lived specimen on the so-called Camino del Bosque (Forest Road). You can access the road from the Transpeninsular highway, or by following the main street in the village. The deeper you go into the vegetation, the more fascinated you will be.

El Ranchito

This peaceful community is mostly dedicated to organic production. Gardens and farms sell products such as organic cabbage, cilantro, corn, basil, chicken and eggs. You will also find cheese producers, who use an ancestral method in the production process.

Interestingly, El Ranchito has natural pools hidden among the vegetation, such as “El Aguajito,” where you can refresh yourself or spend a day with the family. You can also admire the little fish that swim peacefully in the crystal-clear water.

Las Casitas

Although it shares the economic activities of Caduaño and El Ranchito, the manufacture of items made of leather such as huaraches, belts and even saddles used by Southern Californian cowboys still prevail in this subdelegation.

The sounds, scents and textures of nature will dominate your senses as you tour this community. The imposing mountains will make you lose all notion of time and forget about daily routines. It will be up to you to decide if you feel like a giant conquering the world or a little person that is part of Mother Nature when you are standing at the top of a cliff.

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