Urban Tourism in La Paz

La Paz offers an endless variety of activities for travelers of all ages and preferences. In every sense, it is the ideal destination for spending a summer surrounded by nature and open spaces that invite memorable experiences with family or friends.

However, the urban setting of La Paz offers plenty to see and do. Walking along the boardwalk and admiring the beautiful sunsets is a favorite activity that captivates everyone. Even better, accompany the stroll with a traditional ice cream from La Fuente. It’s a delicious way to discover the different sculptures that not only adorn the boardwalk tour but narrate the identity and culture of the region.

Likewise, strolling the streets of La Paz and witnessing the history reflected in the more than 100 murals is an attraction for lovers of urban art. The paintings offer a look into the characteristics of the destination such as the warmth of the people, the cultural diversity and the marine biodiversity.

The La Paz down town has even more to offer. Visit the Baja California Sur Art Museum where the work of national and local artists is exhibited throughout the year. Other attractions include the Cathedral of Our Lady of La Paz and the tranquility of the recently renovated Velazco Garden.

The many different cuisines offered in La Paz are delicious as well as varied. They range from sophisticated dishes with Mediterranean and international influences on iconic fish tacos. In fact, La Paz is a seafood lovers paradise.

The boardwalk is home to famous restaurants, trendy bars, boutique hotels, small cafes and other comfortable resting spots for enjoying the view. The family atmosphere of this port is unique, plus there are plenty of activities to make everyone happy including kayaking, paddle boarding, bicycles of all kinds and even rollerblading tours.

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