If I were an indigenous southern californian

If I were an indigenous Southern Californian native, I would enjoy the nature that this oasis has given us, I would preserve the roads and paths that lead everywhere. I would live again in that natural state, where the desert environment would be my habitat, I would implore my gods that the spiritual conquest is not necessary, and that such a majestic work for others, is not for our race.

I would implore the gods to consider the original way of living and that the precariousness and inferiority that they proclaim about us is not so, since we are a culture that has occupied practically the entire peninsular territory and, we are so adventurous that we are an extraordinary example of how humans can survive in a rather hostile environment.

Our lifestyle appropriated the natural resources and the knowledge that they emanated. When they talk about the fact that we were hunter-gatherers who went through millenary times and that most of us were nomads, this was due to the complex situations of this scented soil. On the other hand, we are not a way of life of bygone times, since we still exist, and our indomitable character carries on in the genes of many inhabitants. This area, which is called the Southern Californian desert, is a more poetic term since there is a great biological wealth, a great diversity in its flora and fauna.

If I were an indigenous Southern Californian native, without a doubt, I would wander through the sierras and mountains, I would express my emotions on the walls and caves of the ever so particular desert, I would admire the deer jump and the red hues in the peninsular immensity.

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