Puerto San Carlos, starting point to explore Magdalena Bay

What to do?

Puerto San Carlos

Sport fishing

Avid sports fishermen may find more than 14 species in a single day. Lobster and octopus are some of the most common in the winter season. Also, species such as snook, cabrilla, cochito, dorado, horse mackerel and snapper, as well as abalone, oysters, and chocolate clams. Some species are regulated, so we recommend checking on bans before fishing.

Swim with Marlin

Photo by: Oscar Ortíz

As the weather changes, large schools of sardines or macarenas move with the currents, forming “bait balls”, which are part of the marlins’ diet. Words cannot describe the spectacle of seeing these fish work together, using their hunting skills, to feed on thousands of bait fish. If you are an adrenaline addict and are looking for an incredible experience in nature, we recommend you find out more about this activity that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Patos Island

This small islet is where thousands of birds gather to rest. Among the 60 species that inhabit the region you can find diving ducks, seagulls, pelicans, and terns harmoniously gathered in this place that resembles a floating heart. Whether you are an avid birdwatcher or a complete novice, this is a highly recommended activity, given the visual impact of the ecosystem.

Magdalena Island


Walking the hills to climb to a height of more than 300 feet above sea, invites you to practice contemplation and view this small community from a different perspective. The path is marked in a natural way with remains of shells, flora, and fauna.

Visit to the Dunes

Photo by: Oscar Ortíz

This expedition will make you feel like a child again as you cross the capricious desert dunes, or as a bit of an adventurer if you decide to follow the tracks of the coyotes that, although are not a common sight, do prowl the place from time to time. The sunset is always stunning.

Pelagic excursions

In addition to Isla de Patos, you can undertake an adventure to see the bald eagles, the emblematic bird of the United States. Finding the bald eagles is always a challenge, however, it is worth the effort, and you will get to appreciate and know the wildlife of the bay and islands.

Where to stay?

Puerto San Carlos:

There are some hotels such as: Alcatraz, Villa Isabela, or Villa Mar y Arena.

Magdalena Island:

You have two glamping options: Chirinola and Orchilla.

Camps are available throughout the winter and temperatures at night can drop to 50°F.

Where to eat?

Puerto San Carlos:

Restaurants: El Tiburon, Lore,

Magdalena Island

Glamping accommodation includes food and drinks in comfortable palapas.

We recommend you go for a walk around the island, you will find the restaurant of our good friend Chejo, and El Tribi.

Special thanks to Fernando Gonzalez Medina, Raul Gomez Oltivero, Henry Garcia Alvarado, Jose Armando de la Toba Dominguez “Lobo” and Ellen Myers for making our visit to Magdalena Island so special. We also want to thank our accomplices in this excursion:  Oscar Ortiz, an expert guide in each adventure and Ramon Ojeda Mestre, friend and collaborator. They accepted the invitation to be in Tendencia.

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