Uses of cultural heritage in Sudcalifornia

About the book

It is an in-depth investigation on the cultural values of Baja California Sur. Through its pages, the authors express their importance, give visibility to the elements and agents that make up the identity of each of the regions, highlighting the work in the socioeconomic sphere.

In five chapters the authors share a forceful analysis of the cultural heritage of Baja California Sur, documenting it so precisely that the reader can connect with that rescue. The text expresses a recommendation to strengthen the sense of belonging and the imminent cultural exchange brought by national and foreign migrants at various times through history.

About the authors

Alexandra Sauvage

Has a PhD in Anglo-Saxon Studies from the University of Paris 4-Sorbonne, France and a PhD in History from the University of Sydney, Australia. She was a professor-researcher in the Department of Humanities of the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur (UABCS).

Her research at UABCS focused on a theorization of the museological discourse in the West, and on the identity-heritage relationship in Baja California Sur, on the issues of cultural tourism, identification with the landscape and sustainable development.

Alexandra was a collaborator of the Academic Body of Regional and Pacific Studies, recognized by the Teacher Professional Development Program for higher education of the Ministry of Public Education as Consolidated and obtained the PROMED Profile Recognition (Teacher Improvement Program) in 2012, a strategic program created to permanently raise the level of the teaching staff.

She has been living in France for some years.

Alba E. Gamez

Has a degree in Economics from the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur (UABCS) and a PhD in International Relations from the University of Essex, UK. Since January 2000, she has been a professor-researcher at the UABCS Academic Department of Economics. She has been responsible for academics in undergraduate and graduate programs, and more recently in the management field, she is general secretary since September 2021. She has a Preferential Prodep Profile (Program for the professional development of teachers for higher education) since 2003. Member of the National Researchers System for CONACYT since 2003 (level 2, 2020 to 2023), and of the Region’s Economy and Development Academic Body, Consolidated by Prodep. Her lines of research are: Global change and development, and Tourism and regional development.

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