To travel through Baja California Sur’s trans-peninsular highway 1 is a true experience that, once you’ve lived it, can be recreated time and time again by simply closing your eyes.

It is impossible to narrate every detail, and that is why TENDENCIA has decided to take our readers to some of these places through its pages with the help of QR codes.

On this occasion, we traveled to the municipality of Mulegé which offers a diversity of gastronomic, historical, anecdotal, and visual options that translate into unique and wonderful life experiences such as afternoons on the beaches of Punta Arena, Santispac, El Coyote, La Escondida. or Las Huertitas, just to mention a few beaches located in Bahía Concepción, between Sierra El Coyote and Sierra Los Gavilanes, a true paradise for adventure tourism.

The day begins with the traditional Talega coffee, brewed in an old-style cloth filter as ranchers from Baja California Sur have been doing for a long time, some steamed wild squash known as talayotes, and some manta in dried chili sauce burritos. Later on, sports and outdoor activities are enjoyed in a tranquil environment that meets the needs of every aficionado.

While exploring this region you can enjoy some of their local culinary delights like abalone, clams and roasted pork with purple garlic and dates.

We could talk of the nights for endless chapters since the lack of artificial light allows for contemplative experiences, on a full moon or when its absence offers opportunities for star and constellation gazing as only few places can offer.

The history of Mulegé is a journey into the past that goes back several millennia through various cave painting sites, where perhaps the best known are those of Sierra de San Francisco, in the heart of the Vizcaino biosphere reserve, near Valle de Santa Martha, which is an expedition that takes several days to appreciate its greatness and beauty.

I would like to recommend a visit to the Santa Rosalía de Mulegé Mission, which is a historic site and part of Jesuit missionary history.

Heroica Mulegé also has a prominent place in contemporary history. It was there that 175 years ago the defense of the peninsula took place, resulting in the victory of the Mexican army under the command of Captain Pineda against the North American army. There you can also admire the Cerro del Sombrerito and its famous lighthouse… a postcard worthy sight.

In Santa Rosalía there are several houses that have survived since the beginning of the last century and where Gustave Eiffel is said to have designed the metal structure of the Santa Barbara Church, which was brough to Baja California Sur in the heyday of the El Boleo mining company.

The road trip, from Los Cabos to Mulegé, is simply spectacular. A few miles before reaching Loreto, the Gulf of California can be seen through the mountains, and past Loreto the highway follows the coast for a spectacular stretch that provides incredible vistas of Bahía Concepcion.

Mulegé, is one of the five municipalities in Baja California Sur, it is the largest municipality in the state and even in the country, and a natural wonder from coast to coast that you once you visit it for the first time will make you yearn to return to it many times.

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