Five experiences that will make La Paz your favorite destination

1) Swim with whale sharks, the largest fish in the world

Despite its size, this incredible animal is known for its docile and gentle temperament, which will allow you to swim alongside it in its natural habitat. Oddly enough, this gentle giant feeds on plankton, the smallest creatures in the ocean; and from October to April Whale Sharks make the Bay of La Paz their home.

2) Dive into the Sea of Cortez

La Paz and its surroundings showcase more than 10 dive sites, which can be explored by all levels of divers, including the most novice divers. Most of these dive spots are found on Isla Esp铆ritu Santo. Among the best known are Suwanne Reef, Punta Lobos and the incredible sunken ship; Pecio Salvatierra (The Ferry).

In addition to its beauty and tranquility, the island is famous, among other things, for the presence of friendly sea lions; snorkeling with them is a unique experience. Espiritu Santo Island, a Protected Natural Area (PNA) and UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to the largest breeding colony of sea lions in the Sea of Cortez and from September through May, visitors can swim and dive with these friendly creatures.

3) Fall in love with the desert

Adventure can also be found on land, and you can start with sandboarding, imagine gliding over the dunes on a board, very similar to snowboarding, minus the cold. Slide down the dunes in El Mogote and fall in love with the landscape. The contrasting scenery of sand and sea, makes this activity both unique and exciting.

4) Glamping, the best of both worlds

Camp in style by the sea or overlooking the mountains. An experience that you will not want to miss as it gives an opportunity to spend time in nature surrounded by incredible landscapes, while enjoying it in glamour and comfort. Stay under the starry sky of La Paz and connect with nature. Whether camping in the mountains or by the sea, Glamping also provides the opportunity to participate in activities such as: snorkeling, kayaking, stand up paddling, hiking, mountain biking or bird watching.

5) Mountain bike, adventure on two wheels

Explore the desert and the mountains on a bicycle. One of the best-known spots for mountain biking is Rancho Cacachilas, which has trails with world-class tracks designed for beginner and experienced riders alike.

This ranch offers an experience that includes walks, mule rides and workshops to learn about the ranch culture of Baja California Sur. One of the most popular activities is the tasting of cheeses, made by hand on the ranch.

A trip to La Paz is a chance to rest and disconnect, an ideal place to enjoy the varied marine life of the Sea of Cortez and adventure experiences on land which will amaze you.

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